About Us

Over 60 years of Service to the
Home Building​ Industry of
Southside Virginia 
The Home Builder's Association of Southside Virginia serves the cities of Colonial Heights, Danville, Emporia, Hopewell, Martinsville and Petersburg; as well as the counties of Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Halifax, Henry, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Pittsylvania, Prince Edward, Prince George, Surry, Sussex, and Southern Chesterfield 

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  1. Executive Director
    Larry Murphy
    Urban Development Corp.
  2. Executive Director
    Jeff Camden
    The Design Group, Inc.
  3. Executive Director
    Darryl Clarke
    Vice-President Associates
    Mid South Building Supply
  4. Executive Director
    Leah Brantley
    Bank of Southside Virginia
  5. Executive Director
    Jimmy Adkins
    James E. Adkins Builder, Inc.
  6. Executive Director
    Drew Comstock
    Immediate Past President
    Gilbert C. Martin Co., Inc.
  1. Executive Director
    Kathy LaMoreux
    Associate Director
    Construction & Property Inspections, Inc.
  2. Executive Director
    Horace Wilkins
    Builder Director
    Wilkins & Company, Inc.
  3. Executive Director
    John Aaron
    Associate Director
    Kempsville Building Materials
  1. Executive Director
    Karen Dearman Bailey
    Executive Officer
Past Presidents
  R. S. Rennicks 1956 
G. Martin 1957 
M. Bogese, Sr. 1958 
M. Johnson, Sr. 1959 
H. Costley 1960 
G. Hastings, Jr. 1961 
M. Squires 1962 
R. Specter 1963 
N. Barnes 1964 
H. Costley 1965 
G. Martin 1966 
  G. J. Bogese 1967 
N. Barnes 1968 
R. Specter 1969 
R. Martz 1970 
R. Martz 1971 
J. Halloway 1972 
R. Benton 1973 
   L. Brown 1974 
D. Pemberton 1975 
N. Jones, Jr. 1976 
J. Eades  1977 
N. Jones, Jr. 1978 
G. Jordan 1979 
C.R. Bogese, Sr.1980 
R. Beasley 1981 
M. Bogese, Jr. 1982 
R. Lubman 1983 
R. Bogese, Jr. 1984
M. Johnson, Jr. 1985
W. L. Bogese 1986
​ S. Specter 1987​
    H. Cooper 1988
D. C. Vance 1989
W. E. James 1990
P. Comstock 1991
O.B. Fulcher, Jr.1992
N. Jones, Jr. 1993
R. H. Benton 1994
D. Slaybaugh 1995
J. E. Adkins 1996
D. R. Farren, Jr. 1997
D. Plucinik 1998
W. Adams 1999
M. Finney 2000
G. Irby  2001
R. Bogese, Jr. 2002
D. Plucinik 2003
C. W. Lundie 2004
 S. Moineau 2005 
J. Camden 2006
J. E. Adkins 2007
H. Beverley 2008
R. Martinko 2009
C. Waldrop 2010
K. Cutler 2011
J. Camden 2012 
O.B. Fulcher, Jr. 2013
O.B. Fulcher, Jr. 2014
L. Brantley 2015
L. Brantley 2016
 B. Nickel 2017
  D. Comstock 2018
D. Comstock 2019
Hall of Fame
Michael J. Bogese, Sr. 2002
Glen T. Hastings 2002 
Norris E. Jones 2002
Marshall Johnson, Sr. 2002
Gilbert C. Martin 2002
I. Roland Specter 2002
C. Richard Bogese, Jr. 2008
Pam Martin Comstock 2008
Daniel Plucinik 2008
James Adkins 2014
Past HBAV Presidents
M. Johnson 1961
G. T. Hastings 1966 
 M. Bogese, Sr. 1972
N. Barnes 1979 
R. Specter 1982
M. Bogese, Jr. 1989
C. Richard Bogese, Jr. 2011 
 HBAV Hall of Fame
Neal A. Barnes 1992 
Glen T. Hastings 1992 
Michael J. Bogese, Sr. 1994 
I. Roland Specter 1998
Gilbert C. Martin 2004