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Serving the Southside region of Virginia, the Home Builders Association of Southside Virginia is a trade organization chartered in 1956.
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The purpose of the association is to maintain high professional standards in the construction industry, service its
member firms and the general public.
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The Home Builder's Association of Southside Virginia serves the cities of Colonial Heights, Danville, Emporia, Hopewell, Martinsville and Petersburg, as well as the counties of Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Halifax, Henry, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Pittsylvania, Prince Edward, Prince George, Surry, Sussex and southern Chesterfield as a non-profit,
volunteer association affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Virginia and the National Association of Home Builders.  Lake Country Chapter is located in the Halifax, Lunenburg and Mecklenburg area.
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The Association exists for the sole purpose of making a collective home building industry contribution to those efforts and movements which are designated and promoted to improve the social, legislative and economic welfare of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation.


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Thanks to Joe Croce and Steve Overgard from SVAR for the housing market updates at our March Membership Meeting, it sparked great dialogues.  

Register before May 15 for discounts to the June 21-24, 2018, HBAV Annual Conference in Naples, Florida

Membership in HBASSVA allows you to network and expand your business; it shows your commitment to having affordable housing in your community.  Contact the HBASSVA for a new membership packet! 804-732-2742 or email hba@hbaofsouthside.com 


                                                                            "Celebrate the Past, Build Your Future"        



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Your Home Builders Association of Southside Virginia membership automatically makes you a member of the Home Builders Association of Virginia and the National Association of Home Builders.  As a member, you have networking, education and business connections you won't find anywhere else.  Membership gives you fast, free, and reliable consultation from technical, regulatory, and building industry specialists.  The professional distinction of membership enhances your credibility and marketability.  Protection of your business interests on Capitol Hill, within your state, and in the communities where you do business.

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 HBAV Benefits of Membership:  Powerful representation and information.  HBAV lobbying team is working year-round to promote and protect the housing climate in the Commonwealth.  During the General Assembly Session, HBAV reports weekly, through HBAV's "Legislative Bulletin."  The Virginia eVoice provides bi-weekly updates on important issues to the bulding industry in Virginia.  In addition, members can receive Health Insurance & Employee Benefits, Verizon Wireless Discount, Workers Compensation & General Liability and participate in the Member Rebate Program.  Go to www.HBAV.com for information on these discounts.

Under the Member Rebate Program builders/remoderlers can register at www.HBArebates.com.  The program does not require the Builder/remodelers to change how they do business.  The supply chain is not affected.  No receipts are required.  A simple claim form is all that is needed to be filled out.  Claims are filled quarterly for all homes or projects that are closed or completed.  When you participate in the Member Rebate Program, you can receive checks quarterly.  You do not have to change the way you currently buy.  HBAV does the paperwork, collects the money and mails the checks directly to you!



$5,700 per housing start - NAHB members will save a total of $5,700 per housing start in 2016 due to NAHB's advocacy efforts, along with other select member benefits.  NAHB fights for our members on Capitol Hill, in your state and in the communities where you do business.   


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Virginia General Assembly
2018 Session Update
A review of what happened this week in Richmond and what to expect next week
Want to help support HBAV's Legislative and Regulatory advocacy efforts?  Consider contributing to the HBAV BuildPAC today!   
The Expertise Survey is how HBAV builds its list of subject matter experts to quickly and efficiently send legislation to members for review and comment.  
We have recently completed the 45th day of the 2018 General Assembly Session. As you know, bills that passed the House of Delegates are now being heard by the Senate, and vice-versa. A complete listing of the bills that HBAV has been tracking this year can be found here.
Here is a quick recap of what has happened thisweek in Richmond:
SB290 sought to grant all localities in the Commonwealth the authority to enact Affordable Dwelling Unit Ordinances (ADU) under Virginia Code 15.2-2304, which currently only applies to Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria, Albemarle. This code section grants localities broad authority in how these ordinances are crafted - and in localities where this authority has been granted, and a local ordinance has been adopted, these programs have required applicants to set-aside a percentage of units as "affordable", as defined by the locality. HBAV fully agrees that we need to be encouraging the production of a diversity of housing stock in all regions on the Commonwealth, but these mandatory programs have not been effective in spurring the production of these units. In one locality, the ADU program had only produced 2,500 units over 19 years - that's about 130 units per year. Another jurisdiction's ADU program had only produced between 2,500-3,000 units between 1993 and 2016 - and that locality's own projections showed that 1,300 of those units would exit the program because of a covenant expiration over the next 10 years.
HBAV opposed SB290 during the House Counties, Cities, and Towns Subcommittee meeting this week on the grounds that voluntary, incentive-based programs have been more effective in spurring affordable housing production - and the Subcommittee decided to not advance the bill. Over the last 45 days, HBAV has committed to working with the patron of this bill and other stakeholders in the upcoming months on expanding existing affordable housing incentives and developing new, practical solutions that remove the impediments to the production of affordable housing without mandating it. The patron and the proponents of the bill agreed to start those discussions after the General Assembly adjourns. As always, we rely on the input and feedback of our members - if you have experience working in localities or other states that have been successful in spurring affordable housing, please let us know!
SB993 prohibits a local Planning Commission from delaying the official submission of any proposed plat, site plan, or plan of development by requiring pre-submission conferences, meetings, or reviews. HBAV supported this legislation - it has passed the Senate 36-4 and this week, it passed the House Counties, Cities, and Towns Committee 20-1.
HB1595 and SB972 prohibit local governments from enacting expensive and overreaching mandates to require property owners to retrofit or preclude them from refreshing or maintaining landscape cover materials. HB1595 was passed 94-6 by the House of Delegates and SB972 was passed by the Senate on a vote of 26-13. This week, SB972 was heard in the House Counties, Cities, and Towns Committee and was passed with only two members voting NO. HB1595 was heard in Senate Local Government Committee and also passed with only two members voting NO. HBAV supports these bills.
HB377 was a legislative recommendation from NVBIA and exempts from the requirement to obtain a Virginia Water Protection Permit any impact to a stormwater management facility on dry land. This bill has now passed both the House and the Senate.
HB 859 was introduced to allow localities to enter into agreements with each other to provide technical assistance with administration and enforcement of the Building Code. HBAV supported this legislation and it has successfully passed both the House and the Senate. Thanks to Delegate Chris Peace for advancing this legislation!
 If you have any questions about these bills or any other bills that we are tracking this Session, please do not hesitate to contact HBAV's Vice President of Government Affairs Andrew Clark at AClark@HBAV.com

Have any questions about the 2018 Session?
Contact Andrew Clark at AClark@hbav.com or (978) 460-1331



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