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Serving the Southside region of Virginia, the Home Builders Association of Southside Virginia is a trade organization chartered in 1956.
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The purpose of the association is to maintain high professional standards in the construction industry, service its
member firms and the general public.
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The Home Builder's Association of Southside Virginia serves the cities of Colonial Heights, Danville, Emporia, Hopewell, Martinsville and Petersburg, as well as the counties of Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Halifax, Henry, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, Pittsylvania, Prince Edward, Prince George, Surry, Sussex and southern Chesterfield as a non-profit,
volunteer association affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Virginia and the National Association of Home Builders.  Lake Country Chapter is located in the Halifax, Lunenburg and Mecklenburg area.
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The Association exists for the sole purpose of making a collective home building industry contribution to those efforts and movements which are designated and promoted to improve the social, legislative and economic welfare of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation.


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Join us March 19 for our Membership Meeting; networking begins at 5:30pm at the HBA Office.  

June 21-24, 2018, HBAV Annual Conference - Naples, Florida

Membership in HBASSVA allows you to network and expand your business; it shows your commitment to having affordable housing in your community.  Contact the HBASSVA for a new membership packet! 804-732-2742 or email hba@hbaofsouthside.com 


                                                                            "Celebrate the Past, Build Your Future"        



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Your Home Builders Association of Southside Virginia membership automatically makes you a member of the Home Builders Association of Virginia and the National Association of Home Builders.  As a member, you have networking, education and business connections you won't find anywhere else.  Membership gives you fast, free, and reliable consultation from technical, regulatory, and building industry specialists.  The professional distinction of membership enhances your credibility and marketability.  Protection of your business interests on Capitol Hill, within your state, and in the communities where you do business.

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 HBAV Benefits of Membership:  Powerful representation and information.  HBAV lobbying team is working year-round to promote and protect the housing climate in the Commonwealth.  During the General Assembly Session, HBAV reports weekly, through HBAV's "Legislative Bulletin."  The Virginia eVoice provides bi-weekly updates on important issues to the bulding industry in Virginia.  In addition, members can receive Health Insurance & Employee Benefits, Verizon Wireless Discount, Workers Compensation & General Liability and participate in the Member Rebate Program.  Go to www.HBAV.com for information on these discounts.

Under the Member Rebate Program builders/remoderlers can register at www.HBArebates.com.  The program does not require the Builder/remodelers to change how they do business.  The supply chain is not affected.  No receipts are required.  A simple claim form is all that is needed to be filled out.  Claims are filled quarterly for all homes or projects that are closed or completed.  When you participate in the Member Rebate Program, you can receive checks quarterly.  You do not have to change the way you currently buy.  HBAV does the paperwork, collects the money and mails the checks directly to you!



$5,700 per housing start - NAHB members will save a total of $5,700 per housing start in 2016 due to NAHB's advocacy efforts, along with other select member benefits.  NAHB fights for our members on Capitol Hill, in your state and in the communities where you do business.   


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Virginia General Assembly

2018 Session Update


A review of what happened this week in Richmond and what to expect next week



Want to help support HBAV's Legislative and Regulatory advocacy efforts?  Consider contributing to the HBAV BuildPAC today!   



The Expertise Survey is how HBAV builds its list of subject matter experts to quickly and efficiently send legislation to members for review and comment.  

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Half Way Through the 2018 Session

Last Friday marked the 31st day of the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Session - the half-way point of the 60 day Session! HBAV has been tracking approximately 147 pieces of legislation since the beginning of Session and over the last 30 days, House and Senate Committees have held numerous hearings about these bills and several thousand others. Some bills have passed while others have been "tabled", "passed-by indefinitely" or "carried over", which means that they will not proceed this Session. This is the time of Session called "Crossover" - bills  that have passed the House of Delegates will be sent over to the Senate for consideration and vice-versa.

You can find a complete listing of all the bills that HBAV is tracking here!


Anti-Affiliated Business Arrangements Legislation Defeated!

HB 1028 as introduced would have prohibited a builder, seller, or any other party associated with a real estate transaction from offering, as an option, the use of any affiliated mortgage lender or broker or any other vendor in that transaction. HBAV firmly believes that affiliated business arrangements offer true value to both consumers and our builder members through better interest rates, predictable closing dates, and peace-of-mind for all parties. HBAV and several other organizations met with the patron several times to discuss our concerns with the legislation - the bill was on the docket last Thursday and the Committee voted to "carry over" the legislation, which means it will not proceed. This is a big victory for HBAV and our industry!


Proffer and Impact Fee Legislation:

This week, the Senate Local Government Committee considered several pieces of legislation related to proffers and impact fees. As you know, HBAV has opposed any changes to the 2016 proffer legislation because we have committed to partnering with localities across the Commonwealth to identify local implementation opportunities. Last week, the House Counties, Cities, and Towns Subcommittee 2 defeated several similar bills relating to proffers.

After much discussion, the Senate chose not to advance any legislation to amend the 2016 proffer legislation or to grant all localities broad impact fee authority. Several of the bills were stricken from the docket, rejected by the Committee, or "continued to 2019", which means they will not advance during this General Assembly Session. Here's a summary of what happened to those bills:

SJ 13 would have formed a joint committee to study the 2016 proffer legislation and its impact on development. HBAV opposed this legislation and this morning, it was unanimously defeated by the Senate Local Government Committee. SB 469 would have essentially repealed the 2016 proffer legislation. HBAV opposed this legislation and it was stricken at the request of the patron.

SB 458 would have allowed a locality to base its assessment of a public facility's capacity on the projected impacts specifically attributable to previously approved residential developments that have not yet been completed. SB 957 would have exempted several localities from the 2016 proffer legislation. SB 944 would have removed various provisions granting localities authority to accept cash proffers as part of the conditional rezoning process and would have granted localities broad impact fee authority. SB 208 would have granted all localities broad impact fee authority. HBAV opposed these bills and the Committee voted to "carry over" these four bills to allow for an additional meeting of the Senate Local Government Committee to receive additional information about impact fees and proffers. It was made clear during the Committee meeting that this is NOT a study - HBAV will be an active participant in this meeting.

There are no more bills related to impact fees and proffers remaining in the House or Senate.

Mutual Aide Legislation Advancing!

HB 859 was introduced to allow localities to enter into agreements with each other to provide technical assistance with administration and enforcement of the Building Code. This bill has passed the House of Delegates and is now headed to the Senate! HBAV is in full support of this bill and thanks Delegate Chris Peace for carrying this important piece of legislation!

Other Bills of Interest:

HB 855 dealing with landlord tenant law and landlord's acceptance of rent with reservation was passed by the House General Laws Committee and is now making its way through the full House of Delegates.

SB 921 was introduced to clarify that information contained in engineering and construction drawings and plans for single-family homes can be shared between a locality's departments. This bill, as originally drafted, contained several provisions that we believed would allow any individual or entity to obtain the proprietary information contained in these construction and engineering documents. We sat down with the patron to discuss our concerns and he amended his bill to its current form, which we support. This bill has passed the Senate and is now headed to the House of Delegates. Thank you to Senator Adam Ebbin in Northern Virginia for working with us on this legislation!

HB 341 as originally introduced would have prohibited stormwater management facilities from being located in open space within cluster developments. Delegate Bob Thomas was very considerate of our concerns with this legislation and agreed to continue the discussion locally, later this year - HBAV looks forward to working with FABA and Delegate Thomas on this issue in the interim. This bill has been stricken from the docket and will not advance this year.

HB 164 removes the requirement that a building permit applicant's written statement that he is not subject to licensure or certification as a contractor or subcontractor be supported by an affidavit. HBAV supported this bill and it has passed the House of Delegates - a similar bill has already passed the State Senate. The House bill will now head to the Senate and the Senate bill will now head to the House.

SB 582 increases the threshold for the substitution of real property when lands are converted or diverted from open-space land use, requiring the substitute land to have "substantially" greater value as permanent open-space land than the land being converted or diverted. This bill has passed the Senate and is headed to the House of Delegates.

SB 809 amends the definitions of lost profits and business profit for the purposes of eminent domain - this bill has passed Senate Committee and is making its way through the full Senate.





Have any questions about the 2018 Session?

Contact Andrew Clark at AClark@hbav.com or (978) 460-1331



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